How to Keep [Your Kid] Organized in High School And Beyond

These ideas help to build life skills that can be used from middle school through college.

Get a Folder or Binder for each class. Folders work best, so your child doesn’t keep an insurmountable amount of papers around all year.

Find Backup storage space for when the folders/binders fill up.

Use a Single Notebook with multiple sections for students who frequently misplace papers. This way, one book can cover various subjects.

Name Documents Appropriately to make finding files easier. Assignments can be lost and paper copies can get torn. Teach your son or daughter how to type headings correctly (Class, Name, Project, Date) and save word processed files with relevant names.

Request Online Versions of Textbooks if possible. It is easier if your teenager doesn’t have to lug around heavy books.

Open an Email Account for free with services like Gmail. This way, late assignments won’t have to be emailed from a parent’s account and students can discuss concerns with their teachers.

Purchase Sticky Notes for day-to-day use. Especially for students that don’t like to use planners, post-its can be subtle reminders to finish that project or bring home the right workbook.

Color Code folders, binders, notebooks, etc. Pick a different color for each class.

Take Time at the end of each class to put papers away where they belong.

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