How to Secure Gmail With Ssl

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Generally when working with a desktop application you are notified of updates from time to time. But when you are working with web applications sometimes it’s difficult to know when something’s been updated. Google has recently added a security setting inside of Gmail. This new feature takes advantage of secure sprockets layer or SSL. So now you can send and receive mail more securely. SSL relies on the concept of “public key cryptography” to accomplish these tasks. In normal encryption, the two parties communicating share a “password” and that password is used to both encrypt and decrypt messages. This is an article on how to secure Gmail with SSL.

Log into Gmail, click on the settings link in the upper right hand corner and at the bottom of the window you can now select under the browser connection option always use HTTPS.

When finished with the first step click on the save changes button. Now the next time you log into your Gmail account you will notice in your URL in the top of your browser

If you have more than one Gmail accounts you will need to turn this setting on for each account. This was an article on how to secure Gmail with SSL


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