Want to Get More Money From Social Networking Sites?

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Social networking is a key feature of modern life, with millions of people using sites such as Facebook and Twitter every day. Using these sites to promote your blog is a powerful way to increase your audience size and your earnings.

Twitter: On Twitter, you send short messages (Tweets) of up to 160 characters. These are available to be read my your followers, people interested in you or your tweets. If you already use Twitter, chances are you’ll already have a good few followers, be they real-life friends and colleges or strangers. By posting a link and brief summery to new articles on Bukisa, you can attract new readers to the site. Similarly, you can promote Bukisa itself, using your reference address to increase your network size, and your earnings. You can easily set up Bukisa and Twitter so that your new articles are Tweeted automatically, making this an easy, hassle-free way to promote your articles.

If you connect with other writers, or respected people, this can be a big boost to your readership. If someone is interested in your article, they may retweet it – copying and promoting the link to their followers. This will allow your article to reach an even bigger audience.

 Remember to use your Twitter account for things other than just advertising though. This way, people will still take an interest in what you post, rather than just regarding it as spam.

Facebook: On Facebook, you add friends and interact with their profiles. You can share status updates about what you’re doing, upload photos and look at friends’ photos, and talk to friends online or by leaving them comments on their profile. Chances are, you already have a Facebook profile and a load of friends already. Facebook (and similar sites) are very useful for increasing revenue. Since you are friends with these people on Facebook, a bond of trust is established. If you are actually friends in real life, even better. Because of this, when you post a link on Facebook, your friends will likely be interested in what you are linking to because they trust you. Again, you can use these sites to connect with people with similar interests. So, if you’ve written an article about a certain hobby, recommend it to friends you know have an interest in the same hobby. Also, Facebook has many pages available for you to become a “fan” of: again, why not post your article link on the page for the hobby you wrote about earlier? However, remember again to make your links interesting and informative, because everyone hates mindless, repetitive spam comments.

 Additionally, you’ll probably know which of your friends on Facebook like to write online, and if not, can find out easily. Send them a link to Bukisa using your referral address to increase your earnings!

These are just some very basic tips for increasing your earnings using sites like Twitter and Facebook. If you want more tips, check out these links:

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