Economic Tragedy

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Life has been difficult for most of us. Financial crisis can be felt not only in Third World Country but even America was not spared. Stores and bank closing down, plenty of homes are on foreclosures. Refinancing Home mortgage has been difficult if not impossible to achieve.  Student loan consolidation information and credit card consolidation are rare. If you find one, chances are you cannot be approved. The worst part is, there are no jobs available and you can hear left and right lay off everywhere.

What happen to our economy? What went wrong? How long are we going to suffer? How are we going to solve this problem?  Is there a way to escape this tragedy? Do we still have hope or are we forever doomed. I hope not. I still want to think that one day America will rise up. I want to believe that this is just a nightmare and we will also wake up.

I feel bad for President Obama. I do not know how he is going to resolve this crisis. Every single one of us should help think how to resolve it. I don’t think there is no other solution but time. I hope the situation is not going to get worse. But I fear we are headed no where but to a darker path. Let’s all hope and pray that we can all survive this recession. Let’s pray for President Obama that he will be able to lead America to get up. He is just one man and has the biggest responsibility. Let’s all help him and fight this economic tragedy.


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