Knowing When You Are Ready to Quit Smoking

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Cigarette smoking is a nasty habit and we all know that it isn’t good to do. Many smokers are addicted to nicotine and that is why quitting is not easy to do. If you are a smoker who maybe has tried to quit in the past, sometimes you will start to show signs that maybe it is time to try again. When you show some or all of these signs, quitting can be a success.

Disgust of the smell.

When you start to get sick of the smell of cigarettes, whether it is the odor on yourself or smelling someone else light up, you may be getting close to the quitting stage.

Habit not enjoyment.

If you find yourself lighting up a cigarette more out of habit then for the pleasure, it may be time to think about trying to quit again. Finding a substitute habit that is healthier may be easy to do now.


In many states the cost of a pack of cigarettes has risen to crazy amounts. In some states it has become illegal to purchase cigarettes over the internet so if you are going to continue smoking it will cost more money.

Health concerns.

If you have noticed that you are getting more upper respiratory infections or have been having frequent sinus infections that you passed off as allergies, smoking may be affecting your health. Quitting and remaining smoke-free will improve your health and signs of that will be evident within the first 72 hours after stopping.

If you need more help to quit smoking follow the link for more advice.


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