Suicide Christians?

How many churches are in Saudi Arabia?    Bet you 5 Brownie points and 10 wooden nickles that neither Obama, nor his paid spokesman (Gibbs), nor his unpaid spokesmen (MSNBC), will ever answer that question directly.  There is an obvious reason why they must, must avoid that question like the plague.

Anyone who can actually count, which is today anyone who is not an Obama supporter, looking objectively and honestly at the situation wherein we allow more and more mosques even in the most sensitive regions of the United States but Saudi Arabia allows no churches whatsoever, can see where this leads.  The reduction of Christianity and the increase of Islam.   Obama promotes Islam and excuses the behavior of extremist Muslims all day, every day.   Whilst everything wrong in the world he lays at the feet of Christian nations like the United States (Just like Reverend Wright told him…).   So of course  Barack Hussein Obama, who in reality is a foreign-born Marxist Muslim named Barry Soetoro, supports building the Presidential Mosque on  Ground Zero of 9/11.

President Hussein is constantly haranguing us about all we have to learn from the faith of peace and enlightenment.  Alrighty then.  Let’s learn.  Hence forth there should be as many mosques in New York as there are churches in Saudi Arabia.   Thanks for the lesson.

Last I checked there were no suicide Christians blowing themselves up, flying airplanes into buildings, chopping people’s heads off or starting wars with all their non-Christian neighbors.

There could be one area of general agreement between radical Islam and the west.  We do not belong in the middle east and there should be no more oil wars.

Getting out of the middle east and bringing and end to all wars for oil is easy.  First you get rid of all democrats.  Kick them out of office.  The reason you have to do this is so that the US domestic energy supply can be built up.  Democrats hate self-sufficiency in fossil fuel  energy.  You may gather this by their actions if not there words.  If we used every fossil fuel we have to the fullest extent possible we can immediately tell the middle east and those dictators down south to take a hike.  Moreover if we built all the nuclear power plants,  coall fired plants, natural gas plants, wind mills, and solar power sites that private industry could afford all over the US, we would have all the domestic energy we need for the foreseeable future.  Finally, we should remove the tariffs from imported sugar and sugar cane so that anyone who wants to make and use ethanol would not make it out of food like corn.    People and live stock don’t need sugar to live.  They do need corn.  The democrats and their pet environmental terrorists oppose all this so throw them out of office, export them all to North Korea and put them on a no fly list.  Let them ruin a communist nation and leave ours alone.

By the way, this is why you should believe that democrats are lying when they say they want to make the United States self-sufficient on alternative energy.  Suppose they were being honest about that.   They had billions of stimulus dollars to waste on make work projects so why didn’t they immediately install their alternative energy system?   If they have trouble figuring out where and how I will help.  Try solar energy in the southwestern states.  If they need a further hint ask the foreign companies that are building solar power plants in the southwest even as we speak.   Let’s see, constructing all that solar power infrastructure would take plenty of labor so it would employ people and would require lots of materials so American manufacturers would get the business, so why didn’t they do this?  Why did they give real money to fictitious counties instead?  Maybe the stimulus money was actually a political pay-off and not a jobs or energy plan….Oh by the way, research on the  viability of  transforming the entire US energy infrastructure reveals that the most optimistic estimates from honest brokers is that the process would take decades.  It would take a quarter of a century just to make a dent in the process.    In other words the assertion by the Obama Marxists that they want self sufficiency in alternative energy is at best another lie to convince the gullible socialists in the news media.   Our immediate future is fossil fuels.  Only liars and idiots believe otherwise.  The only question is where do we get it.  From home or from foreign terrorists and tyrants.

We would have to avoid Republicans like Bush/Cheney who pull up their socks whenever oil tycoons enter the room.  The point is not to make big oil bigger, the point is to get out of the middle east and stay out.

Islam is incompatible with the with the west since Christianity tolerates foreign faiths and Islam does not.  I would remind you of the central question again.  How many churches are in Saudi Arabia?  Now how many mosques are already in New York?


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