How to Erase Your Ipod

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If your IPod has become to cluttered and you are looking for a fresh start you can restore its memory like when it was new. I do this from time to time because I get bore with what’s on my ipod. You will need to have a computer, IPod, ITunes, and a USB cable. One you select a system prompt and the process begins all the data on your IPod will be lost forever but your ITunes library will remain unaffected.

First thing you want to do is open ITunes and connect your IPod using either a USB cable or a firewire cable.

Then Select your IPod from your ITunes window, and then click on the summary tab on the top of the screen.

Now you will click on the restore button and click one of the four options from the system prompt.

Enter your ITunes name and password when prompted if you are a Mac user.

The next step will be wait for the IPod to finish formatting itself, this could take several minutes. A progress bar will allow you to monitor the time remaining.

The final step will be to follow the prompts from ITunes and set up your IPod as if it was brand new.


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