How Much Performance do I Need For a Dedicated Server?

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How much performance do I need ? Do I need a fast CPU or a lot of RAM ?

Those are some questions you are probably asking yourself after you’ve decided to create your dedicated server.

Let’s start off with the RAM part.

RAM is the abbreviation of Random Access Memory which is a virtual memory meant to store data temporarily.

Choosing the right amount of RAM for your dedicated server is hard to do because doing that depends on cases.

Let’s see what factors will help you choose the amount of RAM you will need :

          -The first one would be the type of the site you have. SQL databases and PHP scripts require a bigger amount of RAM.

          -The traffic is the most important factor here. The more traffic you’ll have on your site the more RAM you will need.

          -The operating system is a factor too ! Windows Servers will need an amount of RAM ranging from 512 MB to 2 GB. For Linux servers 128 MB will be just enough.

Concerning the CPU (Central Processing Unit)  , we can say it’s not that important for your server unless you are running a game server.

However , you won’t be able to run a good server without a decent CPU.Static sites will do fine with a low end CPU but for dynamic sites you will need something a little bit better. You can improve the performance on the server by doubling the number of cores or processors or by increasing the processor’s frequency.


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