How to Set up a Profile on Facebook

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If you don’t have a facebook account by now you are defiantly behind the times. An unusual stat is that the fastest growing facebook demographic is people over 35 years old. What you will need is a computer with internet access and a email account. Pretty simple, now follow these basic steps:

  1. Go to and enter your name, email address and new password. Then select your sex and enter your birthday, click sign up. After entering the text on the security page click sign on again.

  2. Click the button that takes you to your email provider, view the confirmation and click the link to complete your registration.

  3. If you already have friend requests a window will appear asking to confirm or deny them. If you like to bypass this step go ahead and click skip this step.

  4. Click find friends to let facebook search your email account for potential friends that are already on the site. Click the boxes next to the people you like to contact then click add as friend. They will receive a message requesting friendship where they can confim or deny friendship.

  5. Invite email contacts who aren’t already on facebook. All of your email account wicted automatically so un-click any contacts you don’t want to invite. Then click invite to join.

  6. Enter your High School and College with the class year then add the company that you work for if you like. Click save and continue.

  7. Based in the info you entered so far facebook will suggest additional people to send friend requests too. Select the people you know and click save and continue.

  8. Enjoy your new facebook profile. You can now join online groups, add photos, and meet new people.


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