Guts And Shits: You Have Got Mail!

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Movie Guts Point

The Mystery link between the hero and heroine via internet is a gut point that how two people share their problems with each other. Both of them want to know about each other. They thought they have a good & healthy friendship which proved later so that it was.

Second Gut Point is the wardrobe of the star cast is perfectly according to the story line preferably of Meg Ryan. Black & Grey purely professional colors which used on her to emphasize that she belong to a business line. Same shades were selected for Greg in the movie too.

Third Gut Point is the Meg Ryan hair style which makes her looks really stunning throughout the movie. The lady is looking young & energetic in blond hair color. Fourth is the makeup of both stars are right according to the situation. No scene was incompatible with the makeup.

Fifth is all the locations were perfect in accordance to scenes. The kid performance is simply awesome that how he recognized what could be good or bad for a family especially when someone supposed to have been your mother in the near future. All the kids reactions was made people grin.

Shits of the movie

Firstly the attitude of the Greg which is not as appropriate at certain scenes as it could be when compared to the real life situation as on his first date with Meg he does not know who she will be but on recognizing her he left him alone in the restaurant.

Secondly, obviously the friend of Greg & the ex-girlfriend of Greg are great shit characters doing nothing prosperous for others & themselves too. Thirdly, the character of Meg ex-boyfriend was good but not developed & used in the movies as it could be possible. Fourthly, they both of them are good at their business in this story line who a writer can compare a small business operations with a big one. It is the rule of life that small fishes always swallowed by big one so it happens. Nothing special here as far as business techniques are concerned.

Fifthly, too much aged stars are here even Meg’s mother’s friends is so aged in the movie as Meg was a young & single lady. Her aunts should be young not someone belongs to her 70’s or 80’s. Overall, it’s a good time pass but no creativity is involved in this movie.


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