Im Bringing Sexy Back – Really Are You Justin!?

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Let me introduce you to Justin Timberlake international superstar. From Mickey Mouse Club star to NSync, to solo artist. He joined the Mickey Mouse Club in 1994 where he co-stared with Christina Aguilera, Ryan Gosling, Keri Russel and Britney Spiers who he later in 2000 had a high profile relationship with. He joined NSync in 1995 which was a huge success and they had several hits. In 2002 Justin became a solo artist. His first album is called ‘Justified’ and was a hit. His current album Futuresex/Lovesound has been very successful and debuted at Number 1 in the charts (UK and US) when released in 2006.

Having recently seen Justin Timberlake in the Futuresex/Lovesound tour in Brisbane (Australia), I thought I would review this album. The concert was amazing, one of the best I have been to so far. It had brilliant lighting and was a fantastic show to watch, with Justin singing live and he did sound more or less the same as his album. I am going to review each track out of 5 and after each song title the length of the track is listed. So here goes the review of his album;

1) Futuresex/Lovesound – (4.01)

Rating: 3/5
This is laid back with a good beat to dance to. He opened up his concert with this song and it has a computerised vibe (almost like his voice was robotic) which makes it seem futuristic. This song is one of those which does get stuck in your head.

2) Sexyback – (4.02)

Rating: 5/5
All about Justin “bringing sexy back”. I chose to buy this album after hearing this track. At the start I hated the song but its very catchy and makes me want to dance every time I hear it. Its got a great beat to it which everyone knows the words!

3) SexyLadies/Let me talk to you Prelude – (5.32)

Rating: 2/5
This song makes me think that Justin is big headed. He’s singing about how he’s got loads of sexy ladies. It’s got a funky beat like most of the other songs thought its not one you would get up to dance to. It’s not really about anything just him thinking he’s great really.

4) My Love (feat T.I) – (4.36)

Rating: 4/5
I quite like this song, it’s about a man wanting to marry a girl and spend the rest of his life with her. It’s very quirky and not a song I would really dance to but always sing the chorus maybe because I don’t know the other words lol! In the middle T.I. raps and I think it would have been better if he didn’t. There is an electronic pulse type beat at the start keeping in theme that the album is futuristic. I do feel the song lasts too long and find myself turning it over before it’s finished.

5) LoveStoned/ I think she know it – (7.24)

It’s about a girl who is perfect and has got him lovestoned (whatever that means!) I like the line ‘she looks like a model except she’s got a little more ass’. I think it sends out a good message to young girls that men don’t like stick thin girls. It’s very catchy like most of his other songs but you go through each song and they do have a similar style. It’s another song you could dance to it and has a funky beat to it.

6) What Goes Around…/..Comes around (interlude) – (7.28)

Rating: 5/5
This is a very catchy song and sounds more like a boy band song than the other tracks. It is about someone being deeply in love with someone but they cheated on them. It is a great beak up song as it gives out the message ‘what goes around comes all the way back around’. Then the girl who cheats on him is being cheated on herself and he doesn’t want to know and thinks she has got what she deserves. You find yourself singing along to it and it has that dramatic feel to it. It is quite a long song and sort of stops in the end and starts again with rapping which is different and I have never heard this being done before in a song.

7) Chop Me Up (feat Timberland and Three Mafia) – (5.03)

Rating: 3/5
Timberland features on this track and it really shows his influence. It’s a hop hop song with a catchy beat. It’s about girls messing men about and making fools out of them. Most of the song is rapping. It’s not the strongest track on the album and Justin only really sings in the chorus.

8) Damn Girl (feat Will.I.Am) – (5.12)

Rating: 2/5
Another upbeat song which Justin sings quite high most of the way through the track. It’s about how great this girl is and there is rapping in the middle from Will.I.Am.

9) Summer Love/ Set the mood (prelude) – (6.33)

Rating: 5/5
Very catchy and makes you want to get up and dance. It has that computerised sound to it like most other songs on the album. Its about a summer romance and how he feels that it is more than summer love. This is another song that stops at the end and you think its over and it starts again.

10) Until the End of Time – (5.22)

Rating: 3/5
This is one of them slow sloppy songs about love. In my opinion it’s not a great song, however Justin gets to show off his singing talent. There are backup singers singing in the chorus to give you that mushy feeling. It’s a song you would expect a boy band to sing.

11) Losing my Way – (5.21)

Rating: 5/5
This is my favourite song on the album. It’s about a man who has a great life, however he gets mixed up in drugs and loses it all. I think he dies in the end because when I was in the concert Justin said before he sang this song “This is for everyone who has lost someone”. It’s quite a sad song but shows how drugs can ruin people’s lives. He’s singing from the person who’s taking the drugs (Bob) point of view and shows their desperation. I think it gives out a brilliant message to people about how drugs can start out as fun and can take over and destroy your live. This song has a gospel feel about it and the backup singers sound like a church choir. It has a very catchy course and I find myself listening to it over and over again.

12) (Another Song) All Over Again – (5.48)

Rating: 4/5
This is another slow song about a man making mistakes and wanting another chance to make things right. It’s a simple song which I think is very calming and soothing. It’s got violins and an orchestra playing in the background with the piano playing softly.

13) Pose (feat Snoopy Dogg) – (4.46)

Rating: 1/5
I don’t like this song at all, it’s got a sleazy theme about girls posing for a photograph. Its got a jumpy beat and Snoopy Dogg raps in it and his influence is very clear throughout the song. I am not a fan of his music and this might be why I don’t like the song.


I think this album is a great buy however it could take time to get used to. When I first bought it I thought it was rubbish but the more I listened to it the more it grew on me. For 6.98 pounds I think this is a great buy and that Justin has brought Sexy Back!

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