The Banana Diet actually does work: Here is how you can lose 1-3 pounds in 5 days

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    I knew from my customer and my sister that the Mediterranean diet and Chocolate diet worked so I figured lets try the banana diet one out and add a sensible lunch, dinner, and snack to it. Most of us know when our stomach feels bloated results could be from excess water, too much salt, or medications. You would think the more water you drink it would flush out your body and flatten your tummy, but sometimes it can do the reverse. Trying to get the extra water weight off your tummy can be a real big pain in the butt.

All I wanted to lose on the banana diet was 2 pounds just enough to feel comfortable in my pants again, especially with the holidays coming. I am not much of a diet person, but I do know how to keep healthy and maintain my weight. I have only been on two diets in my life first one was after I had my twins. I ended going on an all protein diet, which consisted of all meats, salads, nuts, eggs, and cheese. I stayed on this diet for 10 days well actually I should say 9 days. Right after I had my twins my goal was to lose all the baby weight by the time I had to go for my 10 day after baby check up. It worked I lost every pound plus a few more extra pounds with the protein diet.

I went on the banana diet for 5 days right after I heard about it. I wasn’t really expecting this diet to really work. I was just so curious to see if it really is possible to lose weight eating bananas. In my mind you would think bananas are fattening and would make you gain weight instead of losing, but it actually worked. Here is how I lost 2 ½ pounds on the Japanese banana diet in 5 days. Yes, I wanted to lose 2 pounds but lost 2 ½ instead.

Breakfast- 2 large bananas, two eight ounce cups of room temperature water, and a handful of nuts. Read on to follow the rest of this amazing banana diet.


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