How to Keep Unwanted Pests Away From Your Picnic!

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Picnics are quite the “in” thing right now. Not many things can ruin the having a great time except for an unwanted thunderstorm and of course unwanted pests! Bugs seem to invite themselves to picnics all the time and they can really spoil the fun and not to mention the food. Bees, gnats, and ants tend to be the worst as they always buzz around you or try to get in your food. Bugs really can make you feel as if all you want to do is pack it up and call it a day! There are things that one can do though, to get rid of unwanted guests and have the best time of your life!

If have some talcum powder handy, sprinkle it around the area you are going to having the picnic, especially if you are going to be setting the food up and eating on a blanket. Ants really hate this kind of powder and will not cross any kind of line made with the talcum powder. How great is that!

If you are setting your food up on the picnic tables and cannot have someone or yourself around them all the time, draw a line around the items with chalk. Ants also hate the feel of this kind of thing just like the talcum powder. That is a real easy way to stay bug free while having a picnic.

Bees are one of the biggest headaches when it comes to food because they love anything that smells sweet. If can, take small pieces of mint and set it around your table around the food and sitting areas. The bees absolutely hate the smell of mint and will not come around it at all.

The best way to stay bug free from any kind of annoying bug, is to stay away from the damp shady areas while at a picnic. One of the biggest pests in the world of mosquitoes. They are very harmful even deadly if bit by the wrong one. Never set your picnic area up near the water, under trees, or even around flowers. These kinds of areas are very tempting to bugs and it can just spell disaster for your picnic. In order to have the best picnic set up away from water and tress and stay towards sunnier, drier areas.

Picnics are a lot of fun when you get to enjoy time with friends and family. Be following a couple of these suggestions, you may be able to avoid any kind of unwanted guest spoiling your time, food and fun!


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