How to Get Rid of Yucky Bed Bugs!

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Bed bugs are something that many people really don’t think that much of or actually believe in. They are aggravating little bugs that tend to live mostly in mattress, box springs and mattress covers in people homes. They tend to eat most in the early morning hours and you don’t even know it is going on. Bed bugs can leave itchy marks behind on your body that look a little reddish. Bed bugs are some of the hardest things to get rid of and it will take hard work and dedication on your behalf.

In order to get rid of bed bugs, you will have to determine if you really have them or not. Bed bugs are hard to find and even test for, but you will have to make sure that is exactly what you have. The treatments that one can find to get rid of bed bugs are ones that work only on them. You can look for different things when determining whether you have bed bugs or not. Look for things such as dark spots on the mattress. That can mean the bugs left some waste on the bed such as discarded skin and even eggs. If you want to take some regular carpet tape and place it around the bed on areas you will not be sleeping on. The next morning take the tape and hopefully some of the bugs will have stuck to the tape and you can determine if that is the real problem or not.

If you want to really kill the bed bugs, try purchasing a item called a mattress encasement. This is a lot different than the normal mattress pad. It will enclose the entire mattress and eventually end up starving the bed bugs since they will not be able to get out and feed on your skin. This is a process that can take months to complete so you will need to be prepared to sleep on a piece of plastic for a while.

Make sure you vacuum as much as possible! This would include daily vacuuming of your bed. Use the tools on your vacuum to make sure that you get into every area of the bed including the fabrics and other furniture in your room. Make sure to empty the filter if you have one and do it away from the house.

You can steam the nasty little bugs out of the items if necessary. If you can rent one that is great, but if you own even better! Take the time to steam clean every single piece of fabric in your home. The heat will over bear the bed bugs and end up killing them.

If the infestation is too much and nothing seems to be working, make sure to call an exterminator as soon as possible. This would happen to be the least costly alternative for killing bed bugs. If you cannot get rid of them that way, then the only other way to, is get a new bed. An exterminator though, can have some of the best experience when it comes to getting rid of the bugs as well as infestations.


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