How To Take Great Halloween Photos

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Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 5 minutes
Here’s How:

1. Choose a camera that you are familiar with. Even the disposables take great photos.

2. Study the individuals and look for a focal point. It might be the masks that make the costume and, if so, zero in on their faces.

3. If there are several Trick or Treaters, stand them closely together, BUT NOT IN ONE LINE. Use several rows — some standing, some on their knees.

4. Make them relax. Suggest that each make the sound of his or her character. That should have them giggling in seconds. Yes, the adults too 😉

5. Now, take your photo! I’m not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination, but I have taken some interesting photos using these simple instructions.

If you are photographing children, get down to their level to take your shot. Your photos will turn out much better.

Consider your light source. These are spooky photos so a flashlight below the chin might give you great shadows.

Candid photos at parties are easier than usual. People in costumes lose their inhibitions. Be ready to shoot at a second’s notice.

You might even want to take your camera with you as you take your children out Trick or Treating. Some of the night’s magic is sure to be captured on film.

Don’t take shots of Jack-o-Lanterns until it is REALLY dark. The black background and the eerily glowing face will give you a prize winning photo.

What You Need:
•    One camera
•    lots of film
•    costumed adults/children



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