Dexter Morgan The Killer

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Dexter Morgan, at first sight nice detective in one’s prime, has unusual hobby. He kills people. When he was i child, he saw something, what changed his mind. Since the time he can`t feel any emotions. Only one thing can raise the level of the adrenalin and that is killing.

 His forensic detective work enable him acces to the unsolved crime database. That`s where he is looking for his victims. He is not killing innocent people, because he has a code. His stepfather learned him how are policemen working, how to blind a trail. So he`s taking justice in to his arms and making what he needs. Yes, he need killing, he can`t exist without it. It is his black passenger.

 To be able to get involved in communities he must play his role as a human which normal feelings every day. For each situation he has emotion, which he will play every time to be normal. The “human” whose is Dexter playing is polite, debonaire and charismatic. Thanks to that he has jelly girlfriend and many friends. But how long can someone like Dexter walk among us.

I love 4th season it is really EPIC :-).

There is trailer for 5th season:


If you are still hesitate:


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