Punkers Style When They Dancing*

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Dancing is one of the way to expresive your self. This article is made according to my research about punkers in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia between 2007-2008. I do my research by interview some punkers in Bandar Lampung.

When do the dancing, punkers have the style which is very opposite with common dance style. Common dance style usually imaged by beautiful choreography and orderly movement. Punkers dancing style want to resist the imaged of the common dancing style with the coarse and not reguler movement.

According to my interview, there are five kinds of punkers dancing style, which is:

1. Pogo
Pogo dance was took from reggae and ska culture. How to do pogo dance is by shake the head to the left and right. The hand is swing to the front of the chest together with the leg swing to the front. The motion of hand and leg is opposite each other. When do the head, hand, and leg’s movement, the body also get motion arbitrarily, to the left, right, front, or back. Often, the dancer collide each other.

2. Circle Pit
In the circle pit, the dancers lined up in a circle. Sometimes, they hold the shoulders of people in front of him. The circle can also layered. The dancers ran in circles until the music stops.

3. Wall of Death
The dancers form two groups. Each groups then lined up straight. Next, those two rows facing each other. After that, they rammed each other. They do it continuously until the music stops.

4. Moushing
Moushing almost the same dance with the wall of death. The difference, wall of death carried out in groups while moushing done individually. In moushing, dancers move arbitrarily and banging the body to the other dancers.

5. Stage Diving
Stage diving is the jumping movement from the stage into the audience. This may be done, because in the punk gigs, the stage which made most only adults chest height.

* The interviews with local punkers


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