The Best Ways to Calm Yourself on The Mound!

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Are you usually nervous when you are on the mound? Or do you get frustraited when you aren’t preforming on the level you should be? Well you are not the only one that has this happen. There are thousands of people, maybe even millions, who get nervous on the mound. This is normal for you to be a bit nervous. You, the pitcher, control the speed of the game. If you want to slow it down a bit then thats what you do or vise versa. But the first thing you do before you throw a pitch is take a deep breathe. Calm yourself and play the game. Also the most important thing you should do is have fun! That is what almost everyone forgets to do is have fun!

Now another thing you should do before you pitch is stretch! I can’t stress this enough. You need to stretch really well before you even think about picking up that ball! Do you know how many people that could have gone to the majors, have messed up their arms? All because they didnt stretch! So if you need a little help stretching out, ask a coach or another player on the team for some help. Stretching also could be your problem when you get on the mound and your not preforming on the level you know you can.

Now i see this all the time with pitchers from 11 to even some of the major league players. Frustration is one of the biggest problem people have when they are pitching and they aren’t preforming as well as they could be. If you don’t throw every pitch down the middle, don’t get mad at yourself. Because your not going to get every pitch right down the middle or wherever you’re trying to place it. Do you know how much practice that takes to put it exactly where you want it? It takes years for most who are trying to place everything they throw exactly where they want it. So if you get frustraited just step off the rubber and take a deep breathe and when you are ready step back on the rubber and do the best you can!

Now this is the most important things to do when pitching and to help you feel comfortable on the mound. When you are pitching, you can get very tired very quickly. which is why you should always, when you come in to bat, drink water! You have got to keep those fluids in your body to keep you hydrated. This can help you feel comfortable on the mound and can also help you last longer then just 2 or 3 innings. Then when you get back out there, you can preform to the best of your ability!

Now I hope you have taken the time to read this very clearly. These are tips that will help you through your entire career as a baseball player. I mean these are easy steps that even the major league player you see on t.v. use! They use these everytime they get on the mound. So take advantage of these and play to the best of your ability and become the superstar that you have always wanted to be!


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