Zodiac Sign Aquarius Good And Bad Traits

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Aquarius the water bearer also represents a blending of the scientific and intellect into one person. The Aquarian native is very hard to define in one precise sentence. Like the ripples of water, the Aquarian is quite changeable. At one moment the Aquarian appears as dramatic as a tidal wave pounding the shore the next like a calm stream of water. Of course, the zodiac signs have their good traits and bad traits. Let’s take a closer look at the Aquarius good and bad traits.

Good Traits – Aquarians usually make great first impressions when you first meet them because they have a very warm and magnetic personality that appeals to most. Aquarians make good and very loyal friends. They are great humanitarians and go out of their way to support causes that they truly believe in. The typical Aquarian, according to astrology, is very independent and has plenty of ambition. Of course, this is one very good reason why many Aquarians achieve great success.

Bad Traits – Some Aquarians are too restless and become bored quite easily. Aquarians are indeed remarkable people but a few are also very sensitive to the remarks made by others and this could hold them back from achieving all that they could be in their career and personal matters. Aquarians often hold on to a grudge for a very long time which brings about many unpleasant memories and feelings that they cannot seem to get past. Another astrology finding is that the very restless Aquarian easily loses focus early on and might wander about aimlessly through life without much direction.


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