Runescape Construction Tutorial A Beginner’s Guide to Building Houses in the RS MMORPG

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Ultima Online was the first mmorpg to introduce the idea of players having their own houses in the game world. Many MMORPGs have followed Ultima Online’s lead and let players build or purchase their own houses. Runescape players who have a paid account can use the construction skill to build houses to live in and furniture and other decorations for their home.

Before a Runescape character can enjoy the benefits of the construction skill, the character that will build the house must first buy a patch of land on which to put it. The Jagex programmers have made this easy for players who want to use the construction skill to decorate their house. All players have to do is locate the real estate agent who will sell them their first patch of land.

Placing a House and Starting with Construction in Runescape

When a player starts to learn the construction skill in Runescape, there is only one village where he can put his new house. When his level with the skill increases, more player villages become available to the character. It is necessary to speak with the real estate agent before moving your house to a more upscale location.

The requirements to move in Runescape are different than the real world. A Runescape character must increase his skill level by making items and placing them in his home for other to know and admire or perhaps keep secret.

Construction Materials

Any good do-it-yourself enthusiast knows that he cannot build anything without the proper materials. The construction tools in Runescape are the same as the tools used in any real life construction project. If you want your Runescape character wants to use construction to build a chair, garden or furniture, you need a saw, a sawbuck, some nails, a hammer, some planks, and an idea of what he is building. Just like real-world construction projects, having a computer with a browser and a reliable Internet connection is important for any Runescape construction project.

To find out where you can build inside the home or place your home in one of the village, you must use the mouse. The area on the ground changes color when your mouse is hovering over a building a hot spot. Once the hot spot is located you can use the construction skill to build a many things including houses, rooms, furniture, and decorations. If you have a high enough contruction skill level, you can purchase a servant to help with many household tasks.

Structures that can be Made With the Runescape Construction Skill

The table below is far from a complete list of the items that can be made with this trade skill, but it will give a player an idea of when his character can make certain structures. The information has been taken from the Global Runescape and the Sal’s Realm of Runescape fan sites.

  • Garden, Parlor – 1
  • Kitchen – 5
  • Dining Room – 10
  • Workshop – 15

Servants and Construction NPCs

A Runescape character who buys a house is not expected to do all the work by himself. As his level increases he can afford to attract more competent servants who will greet visitors, serve certain foods, carry items to and from the bank and at higher levels run to the lumber mill. While the servants are great time savers, there are other non-player characters that help a person raise their construction skill. Gardeners sell plants and the sawmill operator turns the wood that has been collected into planks.

One skill that will help to gather the wood needed to turn into planks is woodcutting. Construction in Runescape is a skill that has little use other than building player homes and making items with which to decorate it, unlike smithing, rune crafting, prayer, or cooking, construction is a Runescape skill included for flavor rather than to make a character more effective.


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