How Can Having Faith Help You With Your Addiction?

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The love of Jesus is an antidote for all addictions. There is a group here in Spain called Remar that takes addicts off the streets and has great success in turning lives around. Their method is very simple:

-remove outside influences including family and friends
-go cold turkey on the addiction in question be it drugs or alcohol
-bring the individual to the Lord with prayer

Addiction is really just a substitute for not being loved and exists in nearly every strata of life and in almost every individual. Nearly all of us are addicted to something. Consider the following list:

*Drugs, including tobacco
*Obsessive compulsive behaviour, including various neuroses of different descriptions that lead to hiperactivity, depression or phobias.

Even apparently normal everyday activity when taken to extreme can be deemed addictive, such as religious dogma, work or unnecessary shopping. There are many more, any one of which can become life threatening. If you are not sure if you are an addict or not, ask yourself whether the activity

1)has become out of control and dominates your life
2)is beginning to affect your health
3)detrimentally affects those around you
4)has taken the place of familial love and is now the most important thing in your life

In order to see how faith helps it is first necessary to understand that your addiction is rooted in the spirit. It is not anything to do with you as a person, but you and your beliefs. As a person you are loved and accepted by your friends and family, but something in your psyche prevents you from acknowledging that fact. There is a lack of trust in your nature and you prefer to trust your obsession; there you have something you can rely on, something you can turn to at any time.

Now God made you, and God loves you, and he made you to be good, because it is not in God’s nature to produce anything but good. So something has happened in your spirit that has broken your trust in God, which in turn has affected your relationship with the world. That is why you take refuge in your addiction, but then your addiction only makes that trust issue worse. Paranoia and insecurity increase your dependency on the addiction, a vicious cycle.

To break the cycle, a repair to your psyche has to be made at the spiritual level, that is at the point of contact between your physical plane of existence and your eternal plane of existence.

Imagine the threads of an old cable becoming worn and refusing to carry charge. That is the condition of your spiritual contacts. They need to be repaired. A faith journey, as described in my article Ten Steps To Faith, will restore the contacts and make them new. Repaired spiritual contact means letting in God´s love, forgiveness and grace. In time, you will have more than enough of the Holy Spirit coursing through your veins to fulfill all your needs.


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