How to Protect Your Hair Without Spending Money !

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I know, i know, its summertime and all that summer heat is tearing away at your hair. This is your time to pick up boys and hit up fun beach parties and your hair is a…..disaster. Here’s some quick and easy tips to save your summer-do:

Heat is heat

We all know the rule: heat is bad for your hair but here’s another fact, heat is bad for your hair no matter where it’s from. Lets start with your showers. Washing your hair in that glorious hot water feels great on the scalp, but think about your hair. It’s constantly beging objected to a hot substance everyday. Crank the heat down a bit try turning down the heat and take the chill. Another quick saviour of your hair from its daily heating source is your blow dryer. Try and let it air dry as much a possible or turn the hair dryer on warm or cold instead of hot. Trust me it’ll save your hair big time.

Hot oil treatment

We all know you do it. You swear to stop using a hot iron everyday but your guilty of wanting a perfect do. Hey we got you covered. Try grabbing a hold of a hot oil treatment. Hot oil treatment protects your hair aganist that harsh heat your hair gets. It saves it from all the pain you put it through.

Hey you Miss Hairspray

Yes, you. The one with all the glob in your hair. Your hair doesn’t like it. Sometimes super cute styles call for hairspray and mousse but give your hair a couple days off! Try a new style out without hairspray, you just might like it.

The Deep Condition Knockoff

Not everyone has time to sit at the salon for an amazing hair treatment but we have the substitute. Leave your shampoo and conditioner in your hair for about 5 minutes longer. It gives your hair time to soak it all in (and the cold water is locking in moisture) so your hair is shiner and more healthy.

Best off all your hair is safe aganist the heat. Have a great summer 🙂


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