How To Deal With Losing A Loved One And How It Affects Your Faith

No matter how strong spiritually you are, no matter how well you have kept to your religious convictions, the loss of a loved one will always come as a shock and leave many questions unanswered. To have someone you love taken from you is always going to be a massive jolt to your world. So how do you cope and how do you stay strong in your faith?

Even though in our faith we believe that death is just the gateway to a better world beyond, this does not, and neither should it, stop us from grieving the loss of one of our nearest and dearest. Suddenly the world seems a lot emptier. What a strange phrase to use about the absence of one soul, but what a testimony to that person that he or she should have been able to fill your world so absolutely, that departing as they did, they left a vacuum.

With such a loss, goes a part of your life. The memories, the fun, the future hopes, all die in that same instant, and for a sad few days, it almost seems as if we are destined for the same fate, as if nothing can restore us to our own future without the person we loved so much. Such is the sweet sour nature of our life on earth. But it is exactly at times like these when we have to lift our heads to the heavens and say, “To you Lord, be the glory and the praise.”

The departing of loved ones leaves a hole in our lives. What you are missing is that sweet love of Jesus which resided in the soul of your friend or relation, and never do we feel it more acutely than at the time of separation.

Imagine now, the bitterness of separation felt by Jesus’ friends and family at his painful death on the cross, for no matter how special or how good your own friends are, Jesus would surpass them. As long as Jesus was in the world, there was hope for humanity. Such a special light was he to the world that he made everyone believe he could offer them relief from their persecution and from their misery. His disciples thought that with his death came the end of hope. But what they did not realise was that only in death, could that hope be fully consummated. With Jesus’ death and resurrection came the defeat of death and hope became eternal.

So thanks to Jesus, we can lift our eyes away from the grave and look forward. By drawing closer at this time to our fellow Christians we can return our gaze to the paradise in heaven which awaits us all with that wonderful expectation of the future life to come, where brothers and sisters are reunited forever.

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