SWG Beginner’s Officer Guide How to Play this Group-Friendly Class in Star Wars Galaxies

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Ask any officer and they will tell you they are one of the most important parts of any military. The enlisted people under them may have a different view of the matter, but officers play an important role in the real armed forces and the armed forcies of Sony Online Entertainment’s Star Wars Galaxies mmorpg.

The commandos, pilots, and a few other classes players can choose in Star Wars Galaxies can all benefit from including an officer in their groups. Officers in the game fill the same role as bards in other mmorpgs, like Everquest, by enhancing the abilities of the groups that are lucky enough to include one when they go out to save the galaxy.

Leveling Up as an Officer

Increasing a character’s combat level in Star Wars Galaxies is a matter of completing a series of quests and finding the monsters that will give the character the most experience with minimal effort as described in the Beginner’s Jedi Leveling Guide. While officers are capable of soloing well, that is not what the game designers had in mind when the class was first concieved.

One of the first abilities given to officers is terrain negotiation which lets the members of the officer’s group move more quickly over terrain in Star Wars Galaxies. As an officer gains combat levels, he gains abilities that let the members of his group shoot more accurately and to lower defenses of his group’s opponents.

At the highest levels, the officer character class can aid in the targeting of grenades and artillery. Early in his career, an officer will be given a specialized backpack. As he increases in combat level, the amount of space available for items in this pack increases. (The above information is slightly out of date and the source seemed to be confused as to the backpack’s purpose.)

Yes, Sir – the Rewards of Playing an Officer

Bards, the counterpart of the Star Wars Galaxies officer in many mmorpgs, are in great demand because of their group buff abilities, but like the bard, officers do not do as well outside of the group, despite having good combat skills. The Officer class in Star Wars Galaxies shines when leading others into battle. A player who solos with an officer may succeed but is not using the abilities of his class to his full advantage.


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