20 Foods With Funny Names

Pee Cola

Yes, this stuff actually exists. This flavorful beverage with the … uh, unique … name is made and bottled in the African nation of Ghana.

Shitto pepper sauce

This is another one made and packaged in Ghana. It’s a hot pepper sauce to be used as a condiment or for cooking. Would you try it with a name like that?

Dooby’s cereal

Dooby’s is a cereal made and sold in Chile. With a name like that it must taste good. But does it give you the munchies?

Bog canned pork

This doesn’t even sound like something appetizing. Canned pork? And then they give it the name Bog. Really? Comes from Denmark.

Fart juice

I’m not lying to you. That is the actual name of this juice made in Poland. I don’t want to know what it tastes like.

Heinz Spotted Dick

Apparently this is a British delicacy or dessert or something. But you can buy it in the U.S. But with a name like that, would you want to? Maybe. It’s supposed to be a solid pudding of sorts with dried fruits.

Golden Gaytime

Let the jokes begin. This frozen desert treat, on a stick no less, comes from Australia. Try to not laugh while eating one. I dare you.

Bum Bum Banana

This is an ice cream from Germany. Those Germans. They’re a laugh riot, aren’t they? I’m sure “Bum” means something totally safe in German.

6 Faggots in Gravy

Oh boy. I hope the politically correct folks aren’t reading this list. These meatball-like things are all the rage in Britain. Okay, maybe they’re not all the rage, but that’s where they’re made and sold.


There’s actually also a Super-Dickmann’s. What are these things? Chocolate candies from Germany.

Dick’s Hot Dogs

Yes, this is a real hot dog stand in North Carolina. I’ve eaten there. They actually have pretty good dogs.

Bimbo bread

The company, Bimbo, actually makes a lot more than bread. They also make pastries, cookies, potato chips and much more. They got their start in Mexico, but now they’re pretty common in the U.S.

Cream Collon

Yum. Sounds tasty. In case you didn’t know, this stuff is a sort of cookie or candy in Japan.


Several German companies make this dairy product known as dickmilch. It’s kind of like yogurt. Eat at your own risk.


It’s a Czech candy bar. And anyone who has ever seen the movie Caddyshack will not want to eat a candy bar named Plopp. If you don’t know why, go watch the movie. It’s the swimming pool scene. You’ll know it when you see it.

Grany Maniac

Here’s another candy bar, this one from the French, and it’s crunch. Another unusual name, yes?

Pet Sweat

It’s just bottled water in Japan. But it doesn’t sound like something you’d want to drink, does it?

Bubba’s Bear Balls

Yes, made in the good ole U.S. of A. Don’t eat this.

Old Woody Ale

This is an actual beer in England. Those crazy Brits with their funny names. Don’t they know they’re causing us prudish, Puritanical Americans to blush.

Aass beer

Yep, more beer for you. And you know it’s got to be tasty with a name like Aass. Comes from Norway. Enjoy!

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