Tips For Baby Proofing Your Home!

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You just heard the news, your expecting! After the shock and excitement wears off, you will have to get started baby proofing your home. This needs to be done before the arrival of the new baby and it does not matter that the baby will not be mobile for the first few weeks of life. Being prepared and planning ahead is one of the best ways to make sure your babies life is safe, secure and as healthy as possible!

In order to baby proof your home, you will have to take the time to go around your home and the outside of the home around the yard and look around. Take pencil and paper with you and make a list of things that need to be fixed. Be sure to include everything that looks unsafe for your new bundle of joy. If think it may be, it probably is, so be as sure as possible. Remember when raising children, time is going to go by very quickly and time is of the essence. Always be on your toes and think ahead!

When decorating the babies room and painting, make sure the paint you chose is lead free so it does not harm anyone or anything in the house! You never know when something can happen and paint chip off and into the mouth it goes. Ask your housewares store for the safest paint possible.

Be sure to create on of the safest diaper changing areas possible. Many babies have rolled off a diaper changing table as well as wiggled off. If you buy a changing table that has no sides, then you will need to make sure it comes with some kind of strap to make the baby as safe as possible and keep the baby from being able to move. If you are not purchasing a changing table, try to change the baby on a towel or blanket on a bed or in the floor.

If you happen to have pets living in door, you will have to baby proof them. Consider placing some kind of screen door or gate up in the door way of the babies room so the pets can be kept out of the babies room. That way you cans still air circulated into and out of the room while the baby is in there.

Be sure to put different kinds of safety tabs on all the door in your home, regardless of how tall the doors are. Consider placing some kind of padded material over all the corners of the furniture for when the baby starts to become mobile. On the doors of your home, make sure to install door knob covers because babies love to explore everything they can.

Take the time to put up all things that are breakable, push them back or put them away temporarily. If your home does have a swimming pool, make sure to install some kind of swimming pool alarm. If you have smoke detectors in your home, which you should, take the time to replace the old pones with ones that are self charging.

Baby proofing your home is something that needs to be done whether you think your home is safe or not. Always be sure to check on every situation possible. Raising a baby takes a lot of work and time on your behalf. Following a couple of these suggestions is a great way to get a jump start on the safety of your babies future!


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