How to Make a Firepit

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Depending upon where you live, and the fire regulations in your area (which you will need to check on before starting your project), consider these options.

When I lived in the suburbs once, I had a simple fire ring, and it was just as the name implies; a round metal ring open at the top and bottom.  However, I got a lot of enjoyment from having it.  Many pleasant evenings were spent in my back yard.

When I lived in the country and had more acreage, I purchased concrete blocks; placed them in a circle about 8 or 10 foot in diameter, and made them 2 high, to be used as seating.  My daughter, her family and I had weiner roasts and marshmallows on many cool evenings.  So much fun!

When my daughter and son-in-law had there new home built on several acres, they improved upon my fire pit.  They had access to woods, and many fallen pine trees.  He cut smaller logs, with a chain saw, for the supports, and cut notches out to fit in a longer log for the seat, placing them about 3 feet apart on two support logs.  We had many wonderful bon fires during Thanksgiving and Christmas when I visited them.

But, the idea is, you have many options.  If you are cursed (or blessed) with large rocks where you live, use them to circle the fire pit.

Dig a 2 foot round hole and place your wood in it.

Always be sure to never leave a fire unattended.

Never let children play with fire

Check with the local authorities for fire regulations. Usually they will say that if the fire is self-contained, there should be no problem.

Keep a hose near by, just in case.

Last, enjoy!


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