Cool Sites To Make Money Online

Gigbucks – This a service marketplace like fiverr but the only difference is that you can charge anything between $ 5 to $ 100. But you have to have something really good product so that people actually pays a high amount for your service. You need to have a paypal account to receive payments. Though the site is new but it is slowly catching up with big brothers of online servicing industry.

Gomezpeerzone – This is one of the most easiest way to earn $10 of your life. Gomez peer is a website that checks a website’s performance using their user’s computer. So when you sign up gomezpeer will access you internet and your RAM. For all this you need to download the gomezpeer application from their site which is about 21 mb . They also have a good referral program which pays you $ 1 for ever user you are able to send to them. They pay through paypal and only once a month.

Readbud – Readbud is a paid to read site where you can earn money simply reading and reviewing article. Though many people believe it is a scam but it is not as many people have received their payment from readbud. They pay anywhere between $0.03 to $0.5 for reviewing per article depending upon the article’s size. Publishers would invite you to read their article and once you review it you will be paid.They pay through paypal and their minimum payment threshold is $50 .

epinions – epinions is another easy way to make money online by giving your opinion or review. In this website you will be able to review anything from books to blenders, from software to shoes and many more. You need to write reviews between 200 to 250 words about a product and then publish it and the main thing is , even if you criticize a certain product they will not turn their back on you so you can be very free when writing a review. They also run a special offer for their writers like “10 on 10” offer that means you will get paid $1 for every single review you put up but you have to write 10 reviews to get $10 . They pay you by check and they have a minimum payment threshold of $10 for U.S citizen and $100 for non U.S citizens.

Daytipper – This is an website that pays you for submitting tips. They will pay you $3 for every tip they accept from you. But it is not as easy as it looks because you have to write really informative and unique tips to get your tips approved. They also give a special cash prize to top “three tippers” of the month. You can receive your payment either through check or paypal.

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