Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

  1. By hiring a Virtual Team, you don’t have to pay hefty amount to your employees as salary. The Virtual Team charges only for the jobs completed. Be it a 1 hour or 100 hours job, our hourly rates start from as low as $9 per hour!

  2. Hiring an employee means increasing your overhead expenses as you have to pay for health insurance, life insurance, vacation, transit vouchers, gifts, etc. You can save all these overhead expenses by hiring a Virtual Assistant.

  3. If you hire a virtual assistant, you save the money that you would have spent on office space, on the process of hiring employees and other required material as Virtual Teams are already equipped with the latest hardware and software which is required to do the assigned tasks.

  4. Companies often need to perform background checks on their employees whereas the need to do so isn’t required if you hire a virtual assistant because we perform background checks on our virtual assistants from time to time.

  5. Employee training is also an overhead expense that can be saved by hiring virtual teams. The virtual teams are already having the required training to do the work efficiently. It’s what sets us apart and makes us stand out of the queue.

  6. Hiring a VA is subject to tax deduction so consult your CPA or Tax Professional.

  7. VA’s work in a very systematic manner, there is no need to waste time doing needless chatting with them. We know that you’re busy and so you can simply email us your requests.

  8. There is no need to check on enforcing the code of conduct on the employees. The payment of the work done depends totally in your hands so if we don’t produce, you don’t have to pay.

  9. We’re less expensive than hiring an agency or keeping permanent employees. We don’t charge you in advance for long term contracts. All we get paid for is the work done and you can use us whenever you want to do so.

  10. Virtual Work Teams will save your precious time and money! We’re a US based business with US based Virtual Workers for you.

“Saving you TIME and MONEY is what they do the Best!!”

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