Digital Signal Processors

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The DSP is the most commonly used device for such

Applications. The DSPs are highly optimized application-

Specific microprocessors designed to process signals,

Including control signals. With the increasing density and

Complexity of field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs),

Programmable architectures are becoming more attractive

For implementing embedded system designs.

             FPGAs are increasingly coming into their own as

 a way to achieve Application   specific   integrated   circuits   (ASIC)   like

Performance-levels with hardware that has off-the-shelf

Convenience   similar   to   traditional   DSP   processors.

Sophisticated control algorithms become easier to be

Implemented   with   FPGAs.   One   of   the   fundamental

Advantage of FPGA over DSP or other microprocessors is

The freedom of parallelism. Since different parts of FPGA

Can be configured to perform independent functions

Simultaneously, its performance is just not tied to clock

Rate as in DSPs.

The FPGA provides a low cost control for induction motor by many

 control strategy Three-phase  ac  chopper  is  one  of  the  simplest  ways  to

Control the speed of induction motor.

AC choppers have been used to control both static and dynamic loads .

Three-phase ac chopper has been used to feed three-phase

Induction motor.  Single-phase and three-phase ac

Choppers are showing cost reduction and effective control.

The main problems associated with the ac choppers are

The high harmonic contents in the supply and motor

Currents, very poor power factor especially at light loads,

And low efficiency. Modern PWM techniques can help in

Modifying these performance parameters. Using

FPGA can generate the required PWM switching function easily and economically.


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