How to Test For Fleas And Get Rid of Them!

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Regardless of having a pet or not, you can get fleas in your home! Fleas are aggravating little bugs that can be hard to see and hard to get rid of. There are simple ways and tests that one can perform to see if they happen to have fleas in their home,and many different ways to get rid of them.

One of the most common ways to test for fleas in your home, is take a bowl that has been filled with water and soap and place it on the floor. Next to the bowl, place a lamp and turn it on and leave it on over night. If there happen to be any fleas in that area of your home, they will of course jump towards the light like bugs do. They should land in the soapy water that was placed near the light and drown. You should be able to see them the next morning and confirm whether you have fleas or not.

Another great way to test for fleas is, simply taking regular salt and sprinkling it all over your carpets and rugs. Leave it on overnight and do go into the room until the next morning. When you awake, take your vacuum cleaner and clean all the areas you sprinkled the salt on. Salt is a great item to use to dehydrate the fleas and you should be able to see some of them in the vacuum cleaner. In order to get rid of the fleas, you will have to repeat this step a couple of times to make sure you got the eggs and any other fleas that may have escaped.

When testing and killing fleas, there are a couple of things one should consider. Typically, itchy ankles and feet can be sign of fleas in your home. Fleas can enter your home in just about any way. If you do not have a pet, the can enter you home by simply jumping on your pants, socks or shoes. You should always be very cautious about over the counter flea treatments for your home, especially if you have inside pets. These kinds of things can be extremely toxic and make your pets sick. If you have to kill fleas in your home, try using only ones your veterinarian suggests or methods that are considered natural killing methods.


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