LCD TV Pros and Cons

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LCD TV’s are light and very thin, usually less then 4″ in depth making them and ideal TV to hand on the wall. LCD TV’s can still be placed on a TV stand if thats what you would rather. They have a viewing angle of up to about 150 degrees making them great for viewing at all seats in the house.  LCD TV’s have a very bright picture and great colors making them great for movies and TV. LCD TV’s have a rated life span of 60,000 hours, which is 20 years watching it 8 hours a day.

LCD TV’s have a slower refresh rate then some other TV’s so when viewing sports or fast scenes it might apear a little blurry. It is possible for pixles to burn out on a LCD TV but will usually go unnoticed for long periods of time. It will apear as a pin point size dot on the screen that is hard to see unless up close. LCD TV’s can obtain screen burn in but it is very unlikely, the image would have to be left still on the screen for many many hours.

Overall LCD TV’s are a great choice when looking into getting a new setup. All LCD TV’s will be digital making them a great TV to pick when getting ready for the digital changeover. They will range in screen sizes from 5″ – 65″+.  If you dont feel a LCD TV is the way you want to go then you would be able to choose between a Plasma TV, or Rear Projection TV.


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