Pregnant or Not?

Although people think different, only the absence of menstruation and the presence of the hormone hCG in urine are real signs of pregnancy. Other signs like pains or other symptoms that are associated with pregnancy, can also have other causes.

Symptoms of Pregnancy
There are some physical signs that indicate a possible pregnancy. If you recognize one or more of the following early signs of pregnancy you might think about a possible pregnancy, it is wise to do a pregnancy test in order to determine and possibly confirm a pregnancy.

The absence of menstruation
Many might panic when they have an absence of menstruation and think of a forthcoming pregnancy. This is not surprising, given the absence of menstruation is one of the signs of pregnancy. However, there are many more reasons why you are not menstruating :
• Stress: Stress can cause your hormones to change and that can cause the absence of menstrual periods.
• Underweight and / or poor nutrition: if you have underweight and / or are not on a healthy diet it can happen that your body focuses on other bodily functions with higher priority. A menstrual period costs quite a lot of energy and therefore can not occur.
• If you just started menstruating your cyle can still be irregular, so it happens that you skip a few periods. This also applies to the last years of fertility.
• Medications: some medications may make you skip one or more menstrual periods as a result.
• A recent pregnancy

If your period stays away longer than one period, and you have multiple signals of a possible pregnancy, do a pregnancy test or consult your family doctor.

Breast hypersensitive
The hormones released during pregnancy make changes in the body quite rapidly  . One of these signs is the change in sensitivity to the breasts. The breasts will also increase in size and the nipples undergo a change. The areolas are indeed darker and more bumps may start to display. It is assumed that this change helps the baby to find the breast and nipple easier.

Nausea is also called the pregnancy ailment because it is so common. Most commonly it is to be sick in the morning, also called morning sickness. The nausea can occur throughout the day. Possible causes of morning sickness are:
• Increased HCG levels
• Elevated Estrogen levels
• Changes in the digestive
• Increased sensitivity to odors
• Shortage of vitamin B

Frequent urination
If you have been visiting the toilet more then you used to for about 1 or 2 weeks it could be a sign a pregnancy.This is because your body will prepare itself for pregnancy while the uterus grows. The uterus can press on your bladder and which gives you the sensation that it is “too full”.

 Bleeding and cramping
It sounds very contradictory: bleeding while pregnant. Yet in the first 8 to 10 days after ovulation (ovulation)  you can suffer from some blood loss. This is not menstrual blood, but blood released by the implantation of the embryo in the uterus. The blood loss is also far from blood loss at menstruation, it is usually more than normal menstruation, is light pink instead of red and lasts very short. The blood loss at implantation can be just as normal menstruation associated with severe cramps.

Extreme fatigue
Although fatigue can have many causes other than pregnancy, extreme fatigue in combination with other symptoms can indicate a pregnancy.

As a result of the increased production of hormones during pregnancy you can suffer from constipation. Because the hormones cause your intestines to work slower, so more moisture will extract from the food you eat, it is possible that makes it harder for you to go to the toilet.

Confirmation of pregnancy
Ok when you have some of those symptoms that may indicate a pregnancy, but how do you find out that you really are pregnant, and that symptoms are not caused by something else entirely?

The pregnancy
The pregnancy test is a test you can do at home and gives a 99% reliable results about the possible pregnancy. The pregnancy test is a test that measures the amount of hCG in the body.

If you have a pregnancy test and it gave a negative result, but you still feel pregnant, it is wise after a day or three to conduct another test. You might have tested too early (eg by an irregular cycle) or there might be something else that went wrong (eg leftover soapy water in the receptacle in which you  collected your urinte to test in). If after that you still have a negative result, it is wise to contact your doctor.



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