Unique Ideas For Celebrating Bank Holidays Around The World

Bank holidays are known by public holidays when most of the public holidays get closed and not a single transaction will be held during that day. Banks are normally closed on this day but is varies from one country to another. List of bank holidays varies from one country to another. Like India, US, UK, Germany, and Ireland all are having different list of holidays. Apart from list, the way and tradition of celebrating these bank holidays are also varies from one community to community. Like during Christmas, Boxing Day, Good Friday, New Year, Independence Day, Easter day and Labor Day are some of the famous bank holidays celebrated around the world with great fervor and joy.

As time changes the way and traditions of celebrating these bank holidays are also getting change. All these 2011 bank holidays will be observed at the highest level of celebrations across the globe. Bank holidays vary from country to country. The 2011 bank holidays are best occasions for planning parties, picnics, events and other vacations to world beautiful destinations. Most of the people interested to visit a museum or art gallery, hold a themed evening, visit the countryside, sign up to a free trial for a dating service, beach tours and many more ideas are there to celebrate bank holidays.

List of bank holidays in usa

New Years Day January 1st
Martin Luther King’s Birthday January 18th
President’s Day February 15th
Labor Day September 6th
Columbus Day October 11th
Veteran’s Day November 11th
Thanksgiving Day November 25th
Christmas Day December 25th

List of bank holidays in canada,

Family Day – February 15
Heritage Day – August 2
Good Friday – April 2
Easter Monday – April 5
Victory Day – May 24
Aboriginal Day – June 21
Discovery Holiday – June 21
Canada day – July 1
Nunavut holiday – July 9
Civic holiday – July 9
Christmas – December 25

List of bank holidays in germany

New Years Day – 1 January,
Epiphany         6 January
Good Friday          2 April
Easter Monday      5 April
Labour Day           1 May
Ascension Day     13 May
Corpus Christi        3 Jun
Assumption            15 Aug
Day of Reformation    31 Oct
Repentance Day    17 Nov
Christmas Day                 25 December
Boxing Day                 26 December

Public holidays or bank holidays are generally differs from one federal state to another in every country. Mostly in western countries bank holidays plays an important role for celebration occasions. In European continent many countries are having more public holidays than others. Even days of these bank holidays are differentiates from one year to another, these are generally associated with specific days like Good Friday for example rather than definite dates. The days and dates of bank holidays both have different connotations and implications in different countries around the world. These bank holidays are declared as per the bank holiday calendar. In these days you will find number of online resources like 123newyears that are available on the web that offers complete information and details about cool ideas for celebrating bank holidays along with the list of bank holidays all around the world.

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