Review of Swiftpoint: Swiftpoint Mouse is Laptop Touchpad Alternative

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New Zealand based firm Swiftpoint has announced the release of the Swiftpoint mouse for early August 2010. The Swiftpoint mouse is a different kind of mouse. It provides all of functions of a called the palmrest. This means laptop users can use their laptop in any environment they choose and still maintain the performance and accuracy a mouse gives.

The revolutionary device is tiny, held like a pen and designed to be used on a laptop’s palm rest, but can even be used to glide across a laptop keyboard. Swiftpoint technology combines innovations in hardware and software that enable a more intuitive and ergonomic method of interfacing with the computer across all hardware platforms, software applications and user environments. With the Swiftpoint mouse laptop users will never have to rely on a touchpad again.

Swiftpoint also claims the mouse is 30-40% more accurate than the laptop touchpad, and says the devices will be available through and its own website beginning tomorrow. The device looks to change the way laptop mice are used, and is designed to be easily portable. It will be interesting to see if the device is comfortable to use, and as easy to use as the company claims.

The Swiftpoint mouse gives you all the functions of a traditional mouse but operates next to your laptop’s touchpad. It works anywhere your laptop works, so you never have to rely on a touchpad again. It is small, wireless and goes wherever you go. You can use the Swiftpoint mouse on the palmrest, or on a desk surface just like a traditional mouse.



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