Ramblings From Starbucks Iii

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a jazzy morning sipping on a large cold iced green tea, enjoying a moment of brief zen i think. i write. a cool black classic car passes by my eyes follow it down this stretch of road until it’s out of sight.


you cannot tell that there have been several storms
nice sunny day
clear blue sky
a light breeze that gently tussles the hair
the scent of pine trees fills the air
they rejoice. they’ve made it through
the storms
so many others didn’t
flowers are reaching up through the earth
and are beginning to bud and bloom
grass is awakening from its winter slumber
birds happily chirp and play in leftover puddles.


the sun makes masterpieces of everything it touches
playing with light like an old dutch master. titanium
white buildings become illuminated
in the distance each tree branch is clearer than
the one next to it. i imagine fields of grain
waving in the sun. forests with the sun
peeking through the canopies just enough to light the way
the sun on the water, as if g-d spilled glitter on the waves.


people cautiously emerging from their houses, trying
to get their lives back to normal, but it’s
spring fever, and everyone has caught it
people taking the weekends off from work
more traffic on the roads
people just wanting to enjoy the sunshine
going to the beach
the beginnings of sunburn an aloe
my thoughts scatter as this spring fever consumes me…


i triumphantly return to my poem
just as the afternoon lunch rush begins…


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