Make Money With Google Adwords Part II

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 When you look at any web page using Google you can see various types of ads on all most any subject. These are nothing but paid ads from Google. 

In Google adwords, you are given the right opportunity to write your own ads and the better the ad you write the better the chance of it getting clicked which is nothing but instant and ready traffic to your site and you can definitely be on page one of any keyword phrase you bid on in minutes.
 All the ads in the middle of any search page are known as organic or natural search.  Google offers payments to all the website and blog publishers to place their ads on their pages through the program which is most popularly known as Google Adsense.

To get your ad on Google you have to bid on keyword search terms. This is strictly based on how you can come up with the required money   to spend on those key words. The more you are willing to pay per click for any key word, the closer you are to the top of page one on Google search for the kind of keyword phrase you are bidding on.


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