Ways to Take Care of Books

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Books are treasure-houses of wisdom and pleasure. He who likes to read a book will never feel bored or restless because he will always have good company.

Books give us many things. They contain the noble thoughts collected by the best minds of the past. By means of books we can travel in foreign lands, climb mountains, and pursue adventure. We can join in the laughter and tears of the human race.

There are books for every mood. A book of jokes will enliven the dullest day and set you laughing in full enjoyment. A book of history will open before you the pages of the past and show you great leaders shaping the destinies of nations. Story books will entertain and thrill you; adventure stories will make your breath go faster as the hero performs brave deeds and overcomes great danger.

Learn to read and love books. They have very many gifts to offer. Accept these gifts and show your gratitude by taking good care of books.

There are seven ways to take care of your books;
Good books are your friends. Learn how to take care of them.

1. Cover your books carefully so that they will remain clean and new.

2. Be careful when you open a new book. Place it back down on a table and press the pages down a few at a time the outer pages first and moving inward until the book easily opens and closes.

3. Do not put a pencil or thick pieces of paper between the pages of a book. Doing so will break the binding, and the leaves of the book will get loose.

4. Do not leave books where children might get them, play with them, or tear out the leaves.

5. Protect your books from remain and destructive insects with a special books varnish.

6. When your books are not in use, place them neatly arranged in a bookcase. Do not pack them so tightly that it is hard to pull them out. Force in pulling out a book from the shelf will brake the back and eventually ruin the book.

7. Be especially careful of your books when the rainy season sets in. Mildew forms on the backs of books with dry cloth.

One of the best books are called STANDARD REFERENCE BOOKS and they are found in almost school libraries. The most important of these commonly used reference books are the dictionaries and the encyclopedias. The dictionary gives information about subjects.

A reference book found in almost every home is the dictionary. You probably have a shortened or abridged dictionary at home. The most useful dictionaries are the large, unabridged dictionaries in libraries. When you refer to a dictionary, learn to make your work easier by using two aids: these are

1. the thumb index; and

2. the guide words at the top of each page.


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