How to Become a Good Conversationalists

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Do you realize that we spend a great part of our waking hours talking? When we are alone and do not feel like reading, we go around looking for someone to talk with.

To be a good conversationalist is not easy. Some people have much to say when they are with members of their family, but they become tongue-tied and uneasy when they are with strangers or people they know only slightly. Conversation can be a source of much fun. Everyone likes to listen to jokes. WE all enjoy listening to adventures stories and interesting experiences. Through conversation we keep our nature swarm and receptive; we develop human sympathy and greater understanding.

There are some ways to be a good conversationalist, this makes the conversation interesting and fruitful.

1. Be a good listener. Conversation is like a game. There is give and take. I talk and you listen. Now it’s your turn to talk and I’ll listen. A good listener shows interest on his face.

2. Be friendly and amiable; look cheerful an good-nature. Nothing will drive people away from you sooner than a sour look or an unfriendly expression.

3. Have something interesting to contribute to the conversation. Broaden your interests. Read books and magazines. Listen to older people; they generally have something interesting to say. Listen to the radio. Keep your mind active and alert.

4. Be honest; be yourself. If a subject about which you know nothing is introduced, admit your ignorance. Never try to bluff.

5. Do not be afraid to ask questions now and then. But avoid useless or rude interruptions.

6. Before introducing a subject for conversation, be sure that it will interest the group. Consider their ages and their occupations.

7. Do not encourage malicious or idle gossip. Avoid subjects that may cause arguments. Avoid contradicting others often.

8. Remember to speak correctly and distinctly. Use your best English and your best voice.

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