Experiences With Ghosts

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I know I’ve always had experiences with ghosts and other related paranormal phenomena, going back to child. Or maybe I was just more acutely aware of it, through personality, mindset and my own enhanced psychic powers. In some ways, I was born a kind of a genetic freak of nature with much stronger extrasensory powers than the average person. Being born an inquisitive analytical person, in the mid-1960’s, I read everything I could get my hands on in the hard sciences as a child, moving into the forbidden sciences of the ‘paranormal’, including UFOs, Fortean phenomena…and, of course, ghosts.

By 1975, my first encounters with the paranormal began. It was like being ‘plugged’ into a strange, new world that always existed at the periphery of our senses-a series of multiverses that we could interact with-or they could interact with us from. Realities, where I encountered the dead coming from, as well as living beings, in realities that were intricately connected, yet infinitelty separated. But I came to realize that some of these dimensions they could share.

The first encounter would be a defining moment in my life, but would certainly not be the last. But it set the stage for the contacts and experiences to come. In 1975, my sister saw a little man on the bathtub. She was eight and a half, so one might surmise that the encounter was a childhood illusion-a figment of her own fervored imagination. But we know realize that very young children have incredibly intense psychic abilities. There is something about childhood that brings out these experiences to their fullest, and for me my childhood was about the first encounters. The little man could have been a ‘gray, the small humanoid so commonly seen in ufo-abductee experiences. They can allegedly move from one reality to the next and have been seen in Near Death (NDE) experiences, as well. Back in 1975, the so-called gray was not so commonly known in the UFO-folklore at the time.

Within a year of my sister seeing the little man on the bathtub, I saw three men in black clustered together on the patio of my mother’s house. . The men in black are allegedly a sinister force of pure evil, from another reality or multiverse that threaten and intimidate paranormal and UFO witnesses into silence-therefore concealing their activities on this Earth, in this realm, this reality.

In those days, I still did not fully understand ghosts and associated paranormal experiences well. But by 1978, I was to have a crash-course in communicating with the dead. Using EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), which is recording against silence and then playing back spirit voices that were not audible during the recording, I started recording spirit voices on the old analog style cassette recorders. My various tape recorders ended up recording thousands of voices, claiming to be the dead, over a thirty year period. With my increased awareness of the paranormal world, I began to experience many encounters with spirits coming from a kind of interdiimensional realm that can be accessed by spirits of the dead, as well as living multiverse beings. This dimension is kind of like a ‘weigh-station’ between realms and realities: living and dead.

Living and dead beings, co-existing in different realities, always seemed to be in and out of my life. In 2005, I saw a blurred, ghostly image of a woman running towards me during my nightly sleep-cycle. It disappeared as a still groggy me kicked at it, shattering a mostly drained glass of water. I wear glasses for distance, so I knew it was not a dream. Years before that, I photographed orbs of light (spirits without form), horned heads coming out of the ceiling and other incredible images that were not visible during the picture taking.

Just before my mother passed from Stage IV lung cancer, she saw radiant light pouring out of objects in her livingroom, as well as winged beings moving about. She was totally lucid and was taking nothing stronger than aspirin. Months before her death, she saw her deceased father, my grandfather coming for her in a car to take her presumably to the land of the dead. My mom told her father it wasn’t time yet. The night she passed, I was woken to something flying over me-it was my mother’s spirit-she was gone. Weeks before she died, I dreamt of a being with glowing eyes trying to push in the front door to presumably take her to heaven.

Do I know that ghosts are real? Certainly I do-I’ve been encountering them all my life. For I took the time to look in the dark corners of our existence and saw them there. Certainly not all were good, as my EVP precordings of spirit voices demonstrated. I had voices claiming to be the ‘Devil’. But many others were. I believe many of these contacts were of souls traversing this nearby dimension, where living and dead beings can traverse through, in a kind of timeless realm. A realm where the little man in the bathtub appeared to my sister decades earlier.



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