How To Perform Plyometrics For Lower Body Explosiveness

The first thing you need to make sure you to is properly warm up. This program will hurt your whole body and put you on the bench if you don’t stretch and warm up well. Perform some jumping jacks or jump rope to warm yourself up. Do some bodyweight squats to warm up your quadriceps and hamstrings.Next you have to jog a quarter mile to warm up your cardiovascular system.

Now you have to stretch GOOD! Focus on getting to the maximum length without hurting yourself. Do not bob up and down. No need to stretch your upper body for this program unless you want to. Keep it to calves, quads, and hamstrings if you want to get through your stretching quick. Don’t rush it though as you could inure yourself without enough stretching.

Now it is time to start plyometrics program. If you think you can handle it, get some ankle weights and put them on to do the program. The number one rule of this program is to stay on your toes the whole time, if possible. This program won’t produce the results you want if you don’t stay on your toes. If you need to stand flat-footed for a small amount of your rest periods. 30 second rest periods are great after every repetition.

Progressions – 50 yd. 5 reps
High Knees – 25 yd. 3 reps
Butt Kicks – 25 yd. 3 reps
Bounding – 50 yd. 5 reps
Jumping in Place – 25 jumps 5 reps
Power Skip – 25 yd. 4 reps
Sprinting – 25 yd. 2 reps
Sprinting – 50 yd. 2 reps
Sprinting – 75 yd. 1 rep

After that, you should be feeling a major burn in your calves. Now you have to do a cool down session to minimize soreness the next day. Take off the ankle weights if you have them on and stay off your toes. Jog very slowly to a distance of a quarter mile. Do the same stretches that you performed before you did this workout.

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