What Everyone Should Know About Type 2 Diabetes

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Diabetes is one of the most devastating diseases a person can have. A person can live for years with diabetes without any apparent signs or symptoms, but the disease slowly wreaks havoc with every major organ in the body. Diabetes control is extremely important for the person suffering from it, but is also extremely difficult to accomplish.

Controlling diabetes is essentially a balancing act where a person controls blood sugar by keeping it in a normal range with diet, exercise, and drugs. If the blood sugar goes to low the person can go into a diabetic coma, if it is too high damage occurs to the body’s major organs, extremities, eyes and nervous system. The person also becomes susceptible to infections and the immune system may be weakened. Controlling blood sugar and thus diabetes involves every aspect of a person’s life style as well as family, friends and others. It takes extreme discipline to control diabetes for the long term and even when well controlled the disease will eventually take its toll. There is no cure.

One reason why diabetes is so hard to control is that many people with the disease don’t take it seriously until the devastating effects begin to appear. Many People know they have the disease but with no apparent effects or problems for many years they simply continue on in the same destructive life style. The disease can be very deceptive leading a person to remain a potato chip and French fry eating couch potato when they need to become an exercise fanatic and carefully monitor everything and anything that can effect their blood sugar and overall health. People with diabetes need to become health experts regarding their personal situation. They need to figure out the things that work for them regarding blood sugar control. Another problem with diabetes is that everyone is different and what works for one person may not work for another.



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