How To Take Whey Protein Isolate Powder

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Do your research and find what whey protein isolate powder you think will be best for you. Remember, the more isolate the better. If whey protein concentrate is higher on the list of ingredients, it is lesss beneficial. Most whey protein supplements are good but some have a horrid taste. I would recommend a brand like Optimum Nutrition. They are the best tasting brand in my opinion.

Take one scoop of whey protein isolate powder before you exercise. This should be in the time frame around 30-45 minutes before you begin. You can either mix it with water or skim milk. Milk makes it taste better.

Take 1-2 scoops as fast as you can right after you complete your exercise for the day. Once again you can mix it with either milk or water.

If you are going long peroids of times without eating, take one of these shakes. They will keep you satiated and will help you in your fitness goals. Every 3 hours is the goal of eating a meal so if you can’t get any solid food, go for a shake to keep your metabolism running smooth and avoid catabolism.

Don’t overuse whey protein isolate powder or any other supplement. Solid food is always a better choice for a real meal. Make sure you are sticking to food rather than meal replacements like whey protein or any other supplement. For your normal protein intake, I would recommend foods such as fish, chicken, shrimp, and eggs. Good luck in your fitness goals and dreams!


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