Falling in Love With a Girl From a Different Land

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Love is an emotion that is part of a human beings psyche.It is something that is not tangible or measurable in absolute terms like power units in electricity,but something that is in the heart and the mind. Again love can be equated with desire and sex, though sex and desire by themselves cannot be equated with love.

As love is an emotion it stands to reason that a man or woman can fall in love with anybody.There can be no iconclast boxes as far as love is concerned and one can love a woman or a man from a different continent and also following a different religion.

Having accepted that love has no barriers, there are cases of people professing the Christian faith falling in love with a Moslem or a Hindu or a  Buddhist or vice versa.You could also fall in love with your co-religionist ,but from a distant land -a person you may have met on travels or the person being a visitor to your place of work or study.

In all such cases a mental attuning is a must.It is best to understand something about the religious beliefs of the person and the customs prevalent in her or his land.Thus a Moslem will invariably be not that demonstrative in his or her affections and it would be best to be discreet when you fall in love and wish to continue the affair. Loving a Hindu or Budhist is again different.They are not that shy, but they will invariably be more of vegetarians and have belief in karmic theory of rebirth. It is best to be aware of this.

Again having an affair with an Moslem and if it leads to marriage,may mean your conversion to that faith.That is the hard reality.But all other religions do not have this taboo and one can continue to profess ones faith and yet love the man or woman .Life is a complex issue and when loving another person from a distant land it is best to understand the psyche of that person.

Love is certainly equated with desire and the follow up is  sex.Never rush to this extreme and let the events unfold naturally. In case you follow these simple rules there is no reason why your love will not be reciprocated


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