How To Get Prepared For Dmv Testing

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First, you are going to need the driver’s handbook from the DMV. You can either get them from there website or at your local DMV. Go over this at least 2 times, 3 if you have a hard time grasping a lot of material at once. Be very careful to not just skim through it like some people do.

Get on the web and find pratice tests. There are many different sources that give free samples of DMV testing. Never pay for them because they are just like the free ones. DMV has many good ones on there website. Just search Google and find as many as you can and take them all. Don’t stop until you get 100% on most, if not all, of them.

Review the questions that you seem to be missing a lot on the various practice tests. Go back and look at these subjects in the DMV handbook. After you have done this you are ready to go and take a shot at the DMV testing.

On the day of your test skim through the handbook once or twice if possible. It will help you retain those quirky little rules that people seem to forget.

Don’t be nervous when you walk in and ask to take your test. Be confident. Remember, you dont have to get 100% so if you don’t know a question, don’t worry. Count how many questions you think you may have answered wrong. If this number is at or close to the failure mark, you will probably still pass because, chances are, you guessed at least one question right.


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