Dreams Can Come True

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Everything starts with a dream. Dreams are not just pigment of our imagination but they are visions we see or we wanted to see in the future. It is the blueprint of our future.

I once had a dream standing on a podium speaking in front of an audience. But I knew it was a nightmare because in that dream I was trembling. And, the next morning I woke up on a wet floor.

A year later, that one dream came true. And this time, I know it is not a nightmare because in it I wasn’t trembling. Somehow, it became real. I speak now, in front of a crowd. Good thanks to toastmasters, my trembling nerves now are no longer out of control. And well, I won’t have to wake up on the floor and pee.

Whether they are good or just a nightmare, dreams are blessings. Good dreams serve as visions that give us hope to achieve something in the future. On the other hand, nightmares are product of subconscious fears of the possibility that bad things might happen to us. Nightmares are blessings also because they give us warning. A warning that tells us something bad might happen if we are not careful of our actions. Nightmares remind us that all our actions correspond to certain consequences. Knowing this before hand, we have the chance to avoid them from coming true.

One common fear each one of us has is fear of embarrassment. And the best situation prone to embarrassment is being on stage. Whether you are singing, dancing or speaking, there are only two choices you have when you are on stage – it’s either you presented yourself well or you embarrassed yourself badly. And speaking of embarrassment, I have plenty of those to share.

Years ago when I was in school, I used to be coerced to present things my classmates won’t do especially on stage. From singing, dancing, to delivering an impromptu speech… You name it; I was that ‘totoy bibo’ in school… Please don’t think I was ‘uto-uto’ because I wasn’t. I just didn’t want our rival batches to think we were batch of losers. Hehe… Well, in the first place I felt like I was born to stand for my classmates’ sake. Haha.

Of course it is not embarrassing to sing on stage, but if you sing and you forget 90% of the lyrics, that’s a nightmare. Dancing is also not embarrassing, but if you kick someone else’s face when you attempted to back-flip, or splattered some chicken blood on an honored guest’s shoes, perhaps you would consider cursing the dance floor. Joining a speech contest is also not embarrassing, but if you speak full English during an extemporaneous speech contest Tagalog catagory, perhaps you might develop fear of glossophobia or fear of speaking. 

Despite all of those embarrassments I had, I still believe there is no point of giving up. Failures and embarrassments are part of the process of chasing our dreams. If you fail during the process, it doesn’t mean you are a failure. It’s just that you haven’t succeeded yet. Even the famous scientist Thomas Edison believed he was not a failure even after busting 10,000 bulbs. And I think I only have busted a hundred bulbs yet. Meaning I still have 9900 bulbs more to explode and explore.

My friends and fellow toastmasters, we should not fear embarrassment or failure. The greatest failure we could have is the failure to try. Let us not stop dreaming of good dreams. Let our dreams be not just for our self-gratification but also for the success of our club and maybe a little contribution to the (world peace?).

And let our dreams be only the starting point and not the end point. Or else, it’s as if we dream with our eyes closed and forget everything the next morning.

Dreams can be powerful but only if we persistently chase and work for it. With the guide of Him, dreams can come true. Good evening!

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