How To Make Beef Jerky

I have been making beef jerky for years with a plastic food dehydrator & jerky maker that I believe I bought for around $50.00.

It is much cheaper then buying beef jerky all ready prepared at the store. You don’t have a lot of prep time and it is easy and fun. The aroma while it is hydrating is wonderful.

For the healthy people out there you can turn your apples, peaches, watermelon, and other fruits into a healthy snack  for your children when you go on trips, camping, or for Friday movie nights.

Step 1: Purchase dehydrator & jerky maker.
Mine is a Nesco FD-27 that I bought years ago for around $50.00.   Step 2: Decide which type of meat you want to have as a jerky. You can use beef, deer, buffalo, elk, or any kind of meat you want.

You can also dehydrate all types of fruit, it doesn’t have to be just meat.

Step 3: You can make your own seasoning if you find a recipe you like. I have tried many but for me the best ones are from Cabala’s. I order from their catalog and so far I’ve tried a variety of seasoning mixes and enjoy them all especially the spiced up ones. Step 4: I like to cut my meat up and then follow the procedures for seasoning your meat. Sometimes I’ll soak the meat over night other times I just mix the seasoning and place the meat in the dehydrator and wait a few hours and your ready to bag the jerky up and eat it on your next snack or outing.


If you enjoy eating beef jerky this should be right up your alley. Good luck and good eating.

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