Simple Golf Swing

One of the main reasons people can’t successfully play golf is because of what’s between their ears. The expression “paralysis by analysis” is especially true with golfers.

Think about it for a second, you get mad and you see a tree after hitting a bad shot, you then proceed to walk over to the tree and plant your right foot (assuming you’re right handed). You then twist your body back and to your right and then uncoil your body back around to the left and with the most efficient movement you wrap the club around the tree in total frustration.

Now, before you wrapped that club around the tree, I’ll bet you didn’t let your weight fall outside of your right foot, I’d be willing to bet you were very well braced and then pushed off that foot to propel your golf club into that tree.

My point is simple….I see golfers doing simply stupid things because they are “thinking” themselves into trouble. You wouldn’t slam your golf club into a tree doing obvious, counter productive, and self destructive things, but you’ll hit a golf ball and do stupid things galore.

Think to yourself before you hit your shot “I’m going to hit this shot with maximum leverage”….the same way you’d wrap your club around a tree in frustration. You need a minds eye view of a home run hitter at contact, a Tiger Woods at contact or better yet your ideal self at contact.

If it were your job to take a broom and beat the dust out of a rug on a line ? Would you ever reverse pivot ? would you ever fall back on your back foot ? would you ever not open your hips to allow your swing to come through ? I think you know the answer to that.

Swing a golf club in your minds eye and feel your right toe on the ground after the swing and your weight has transferred forward. Sense what it looks like and sense what it feels like.

You simply need to do a few things to have a simple golf swing and have confidence in that swing and your golf game will take off like you wouldnt’ believe. How many mistakes in technique would you have beating the dust out of a rug on a line ?

If you’ve tried natural golf or some other method to improve your scores, and they didn’t work then you need to try the simple golf swing that is a revolutionary breakthrough in maximizing the average golfers game.

Golf is a game that should be enjoyed and it can be enjoyed with the “keep it simple stupid” method.

Enjoy your golf, you desrve it.

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