How to Make Money Writing Online: Triond and Bukisa

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Everyday everyone is inundated with a flow of advertising and “business offers” purporting to show you how to make millions publishing content on the internet.  Most people realize that it is possible, but extremely unlikely – yes, some people do succeed and manage to become wealthy, but the vast majority of us won’t.  The best-paying opportunities are far out of the reach of the ordinary writer.  However, for those willing to put in a little bit of work, it is possible to make a small but steady residual income, in time maybe as much as a few hundred dollars a month, by using a few websites now available online which offer a portion of advertising revenues generated from your original media.

Unlike most places, these cutting-edge publishers share profits with anyone who is willing to write, take pictures, make videos, or create audio clips and then post them to the publisher’s website.  The site then distributes these files through a broad array of other sites and affiliations, sharing a portion of their revenues with the author of the works!

I have been writing articles and papers for a long time, for classes, my own blog, work, and a vast array of other reasons.  I had even tried to get a few things published, with only minor success.  None of it had ever really paid any dividends and I was starting to get discouraged.  One day, I came across a link and submitted and few things on Triond, publishing an article I had written about small business government contracting.  I intended it to be my last ditch effort before throwing in the towel.  Before too long, I had gotten a few dozen clicks and was featured on the homepage of their small business articles site – quite an accomplishment for me!  In addition, I had made myself $0.41 in one day from one article.  Though it seems a tiny amount, that single fact made me reexamine my desires for internet publishing.

There are literally hundreds of opportunities the have content published on the internet, but not many actually end up paying worthwhile dividends to the authors.  However, in recent times a few sites have been created that offer good options (promotion of content, commenting ability, customer service, etc.) and pay their users.  Though there are many publishing websites out there and now more and more are cropping up, I personally use two: Triond and Bukisa.  I wasn’t earning any money using others, but now have a way to make a small but steady income, growing with each new item I post.

Bukisa is similar to Triond in that it has its own hosting, support, promotion, and pays out a percentage of the revenues to authors.  Though the user interface and options are of course somewhat different, the basic principle remains the same.  However, for users just starting out I recommend Bukisa of the two – it is a little friendlier to initiates and I have seen better results for several people, and the royalty residuals can also be beneficial, leading to a somewhat higher earnings potential.

Take some time to learn what content does the best and what you think will be most advantageous.  Each site will have a featured content area, showing what is in high demand.  Look through these and discover what you feel will be good topics, just be sure not to copy what you find!  Plagiarism got classmates in trouble in school; in real life it is even worse, and copyright infringement carries some hefty penalties and can get you banned or worse.

Now, even though these opportunities are a win-win for users and publishers, using these websites isn’t just “click and submit.”  Your content needs to be good and you have to promote it a little yourself.  You still can’t simply depend on other people to do your work for you…  It takes time to build your reputation and get your page hits up.  Talk to your friends, family, coworkers, everyone, and post links on your social profile pages or blogs!  Use all of the tools at your disposal to promote your content!  Otherwise, your work may languish unread and unseen.  Successful authorship is hard work, and it isn’t all just about writing good words or taking pictures that people will want to view.

However, the rewards can be great – you will get a check sent to you with your income, get to see your media published, and even get your name known in your field!  The time and effort can be well worth the results.

Join Bukisa Today and begin getting your work published – and paid for it!


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