Trey Songz Best Songs: Top 13 Songs By Trey Songz

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Since 2005 Trey Songz has been on the radar of R&B fans but didn’t really experience more commercial success until the past few years and has become a pretty popular artist who is still developing and improving.  He could have easily been a one album and done type artist after his first album didn’t get much play outside of hip hop and R&B stations but he persevered  putting out lots of free material by covering popular songs while continuing to push out new albums including the upcoming Passion, Pain, & Pleasure. I tried to include a variety of songs in my list of best for Trey Songz but I probably didn’t cover everyone’s favorites. Anyways, let’s take a look at Trey Songz best songs. You may also enjoy reading: Chris Brown Best Songs and 19 Best Ne-Yo Songs

Just Gotta Make It– The first single from Trey Songz, I remember seeing the music video for it late one night and downloaded the song immediately. It features a sweet sounding instrumental and a guest verse by Twista making it easy to listen to on repeat about five years later.

I Gotta Go– This was my other favorite song off his first album, I Gotta Make It in which Trey laments having to leave his woman alone. It’s a great romantic song where Songz gets to show some of his vocal talents.

Just Wanna Cut– Just Wanna Cut is a more club oriented track with a tempo that isn’t too fast paced but definitely brings more energy than the first two entrants on this list.

Only You- This song sampled The Independents song In the Valley of My World and featured a verse from Jay-Z. If Just Gotta Make It made me pay attention to Trey Songz this track made me go buy his first CD even though it was not featured on it. Honestly, this is still my favorite song released by Trey to date.

Breathe Remix– This is the first spot on the list reserved for a song that isn’t a full Trey track but rather a remake of a previous song in this case Breathe by Fabolous. Trey sings a short verse before Lloyd Banks takes over with his freestyle nevertheless it’s still a great listen.

Can’t Help But Wait–  A single off of his 2007 release Trey Day, Can’t Help But Wait is about a girl in a troubled relationship that Trey wants to be with but feels he cannot interfere with what she has going on. He is complemented by a nice instrumental.

Neighbors Know My Name– Neighbors Know My Name is basically sex song about making too much noise and the next door neighbors hearing it all, kind of funny but a dope song.

Whatever You Like Freestyle– A cover of the T.I. hit Whatever You Like that features Trey both rapping and singing. I prefer this version over the original song even though it is just a mixtape entry the beat just sounds better suited to his voice.

If You My Ni**a– Another collaboration with Lloyd Banks off of the mixtapes in which he sings about the negative people that populate his town and how he can only trust those close to him.

Say Ahh– If you’ve listened to the radio, been to a club, or watched music channels you’ve already heard Say Ahh featuring Fabolous. It’s a great club song with a catchy hook and excellent instrumental.

Paper Planes Remix– Trey Songz’ take on M.I.A’s hit song Paper Planes where he finds himself with a girl who will only leaves with him if he spends money on her.

Yo Side of the Bed– A slower song with Keri Hilson about the loneliness you feel when your significant other isn’t there with you.

Scratching Me Up– Yes, it’s a sex song but damn the production on this track sounds great and Trey puts forth a great vocal performance.


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